Minilab 201


Minilab 201



The MINILAB 201 dispenser was engineered to revolutionize repetitive pipetting work. Its positive displacement principle guarantees superior accuracy and precision of the dispenser, no matter how dense or viscid substances are dispensed. Its precise stepping mechanism ensures repeatability of dispensed doses. The MINILAB 201 dispenser offers as many as 48 dispensing steps from single syringe filling. Samples can be dosed at intervals as fast as one second. Disposable syringes applied in the MINILAB 201 dispenser prevent dispensing samples cross contamination and speed up repetitive pipetting work. The location of the MINILAB dispenser's volume setting wheel together with a tip selection chart placed on MINILAB body allow easy selection of one of 29 volumes available from 1 µl to 5000 µl range. Lightweight (100g), ergonomic dispenser handle with easily accessible pushbutton and filling slide makes even prolonged pipetting an effortless, low strain experience. Maintenance free MINILAB 201 dispenser is equipped with durable tip insertion lever and a 50 ml syringe adapter securing syringes firmly on place. 

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Lightweight – 100 g
Maintenance free
Ideal for viscous solutions
Compatible with most syringes available on the market
Supplied with adapter for 50 ml syringes

Product Cat. no
MINILAB 201 with adapter for

 50 ml syringes

(Adapter for syringes 25 ml (red 5710
(Adapter for syringes 50 ml (grey 5709

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