Swiftpet Pro PIPETTE

پیپتور شارژی

Swiftpet Pro PIPETTE

استفاده از پیپت های شیشه ای و پلاستیکی هرگز به سهولت استفاده از پیپتور شارژی مدل Swiftpet Pro نیست!

بدنه ارگونومیک پیپتور و دکمه بسیار نرم و سوییچ دقیق آن، پیپت آسان و دقیقی را تضمین می کند.

هنگامی که به پیپتور احتیاج ندارید می توانید با قرار دادن روی پایه مخصوص، آن را شارژ کنید.


Pipetting using glass and plastic volumetric pipettes has never been so easy as with SWIFTPET PRO pipette controller. Ergonomically shaped handle, together with well-located, smooth pushbuttons and switches guarantee effortless pipetting even during extensive use. Convenient charging stand helps to store the pipette controller while not in use. Easily accessible switches on the SWIFTPET PRO allow choosing different operation modes depending on the volume of pipette and viscosity of liquid. The SWIFTPET PRO is an excellent tool for pipetting in tissue culture laboratories, water treatment facilities, academic labs, and more. 


دانلود کاتالوگ

Protected by a PTFE filter blocking any liquid from entering the unit
Autoclavable filter, the pipette holder and the nosepiece
UV resistant body for safe sterilization
Powerful, environmentally friendly 3 Ni-MH batteries enable many hours of continuous work
LCD display showing battery charge level
Ability to work while charging
Function buttons for SPEED and working MODE control in a reach of a thumb
Additional speed adjustment by the pressure applied to the trigger buttons
Convenient charging stand for bench/wall mounting
Easy access to the batteries

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