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Microscope Cover Glass


Thin flat piece of transparent material, usually square or rectangular, about 18x18, 20x20, 22x22, 24x50 wide and a fraction of a millimetre thick, that is placed over objects for viewing with a microscope. The object is usually held between the cover slip and a somewhat thicker microscope slide, which rests on the microscope's stage or slide holder and provides the physical support for the object and slip.

The main function of the cover slip is to keep solid specimens pressed flat, and liquid samples shaped into a flat layer of even thickness. This is necessary because high-resolution microscopes have a very narrow region within which they focus.


ESR tube

ESR tube

10. Ø9×120mm ESR Tube

Ø9×120mm ESR Tube is applicable to various Automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzers. Due to little volume and negative pressure inside the tube, it needs some time for blood collection. Do patiently wait until blood stops flowing into the tube. Then completely mix the anticoagulation and additive by turning the tube upside down for 6-8 times, Inappropriate mixing will cause hemolysis, coagulation or blood bubble and influence the test result.



Three part diff

Hiperion B-Cell 60 reagents

Lyse : For in vitro quantitative detection of white blood cells number in whole blood and hemoglobin concentration, etc. Diluent : To dilute blood samples, to keep the blood cell in original volume completely within a certain period and to guarantee pulse obtained corresponding to the cell volume by appropriate conductivity. Cleanser : To use in daily washing

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Micro tube

Micro-centrifuge Tube




- White 10 µl

- Yellow 200 µl

- Blue 100 µl


Rayto Hemary 5 part diff

Rayto Hemary 5 part diff